Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu is the Regional Manager of Islamic Education Unit of the Ghana Education Service. He is also spokesperson of the National Chief Imam and the Principal Officiating Imam of Dar-es-Salam Mosque-Accra.

“The spirit of service that is underpinned by sacrifice and sincerity. And that has been the energy behind these huge and monumental contributions that Hizmet is making. Sincerity is the fuel that keeps aflame. That keeps aflame. Service that is being provided keeps on keeping them going on. And so from that, they received the inspiration to be able to move.”

“Islamic organizations, that are probably being resourced from outside the country, those who provide the resources do not come to Ghana, themselves, and live with the people. But the interesting thing about Hizmet is that you find the Hizmet members themselves traveling far away and coming to live with the people, bonding with the people, inspiring and giving support. In fact, in terms of ethics and morality, particularly the ethics, the sense of courtesy and sense of respect shown to look out for people is incredible. It’s incredible. There are the areas where you go and probably just because of your color, even, you will not be respected. But among the members of the Hizmet, you will be surprised. I mean, how, even us local people, here, we are so, so respected.”