Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu is the Regional Manager of Islamic Education Unit of the Ghana Education Service. He is also spokesperson of the National Chief Imam and the Principal Officiating Imam of Dar-es-Salam Mosque-Accra.

“So given that these are tangibles that we have come to see, and also, my contact with the members of the Hizmet also opens another dimension, which are not so much physical, but so much moral and spiritual, in the sense of the sort of love, courtesy, respect that the members of the Hizmet, you know, exhibit, is an indication of a certain kind of training that they have gone through, that gives them that spark of love in them, and to also give a manifestation to it when they meet any person. That is so incredible, and I believe, I’ll tell you that anyone who has met them has met the agents of Hizmet love, the Hizmet sacrifice, and the Hizmet compassion. And Hizmet is still making inroads into the Ghanian community, and it’s registering very incredible, incredibly excellent presence in our society.”

“We have seen sacrifice with the Hizmet. We have seen compassion, we have seen service, and so on, and so forth, and all these things cannot be undertaken by someone who is a terrorist. Hizmet continue to commit so much huge resources, so much huge resources. I cannot say how much, but given the enormity of the projects that they have taken, I mean, I don’t think I would be able to quantify, and so therefore, we would want the world to know that the Hizmet organization is not a terrorist group. The inspiration behind them, and the teachings and the philosophy, has been underpinned by helping people to live life in its fullest fullness.”