Oscar Sam Ugoh is the publisher of Corporate Guardian Magazine and Business Week Newspaper. He also works as the President of the Institute of Policy and Strategy Development and was awarded Peace Ambassador Medal by the Universal Peace Federation in 2012.

“I was one of those who say, “the members look too good. They are too nice. What is behind all this?” So I didn’t get to understand. But in later time understood that it is about service. Then you look at the members. It is not about money. It’s not about riches, it’s not about wealth. It’s about common service to humanity. So that is what I see. Hizmet Movement’s, it is a rel a movement that preaches about alleviating ignorance, altering ignorance by creating a lot of schools, it is, want to talk about empowerment to the people.”

“Gülen says that if you’re a true Muslim, you cannot kill one person. That if you kill one person, it’s like you have killed the whole world. So how is somebody tell you not to kill, how is somebody tell you that a good Muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a good Muslim, how can a person turn around to have hidden agenda? To do what? If that is what he wanted, he should have done it since. We should have seen it. But we are preaching about peace, goodness, love, and empowerment.”