Muhammad Nuru Khalid is the Apo Legislative Quarters Juma’at Mosque. He was the former chief preacher at FCT Muslims Pilgrim Welfare Board and now is the chairman of Islamic Research and Da’awa Foundation in Abuja, Nigeria.

“Hizmet is not a political organization. Hizmet is not a profitable organization. Hizmet is a humanitarian organization. Rendering service to the poor and the needy. Helping who is in need of help. Promoting Islam and doing activities that even non-Muslims are benefiting, and are surprised to see that this is from Muslims, then Islam is different from my thinking. Let me re-think, let me go and search: What is Islam?”

“So the most dangerous thing in life is ignorance. And that is why Hizmet put a great emphasis on educating people, especially in a conflict zone, in a place where people are conflicting with one another. Therefore, it is in this vein that Hizmet is operating schools in more than fifty countries in the world. Take an example. We have NTIC in Yobe, which is a conflict zone. And then if you look at the way the students are behaving, they can never, there is no way a student of Turkish International will involve himself in insurgency.”

The first condition of Hizmet’s relief service is that you are a needy. If you are in need, whether you are a Muslim, whether in Asia, whether in Africa, in any place in the world, if they get to know that you are a needy, they will give you a maximum support. And their relief activities is different from other humanitarian services given by many groups. Why? Because they don’t sit back and wait for you to inform them that you are a needy. No. They look for information. They search for where is the needy.