Muhammad Nuru Khalid is the Apo Legislative Quarters Juma’at Mosque. He was the former chief preacher at FCT Muslims Pilgrim Welfare Board and now is the chairman of Islamic Research and Da’awa Foundation in Abuja, Nigeria.

“If you look at the number of schools built and maintained by the Hizmet Movement, you will agree that even some governments in the world cannot reach where the Hizmet went. And even if you are not a Muslim, you will benefit or you will have indirect benefit from the Hizmet Movement.”

“In the contemporary works of Hizmet, you can easily understand what Islam is. Therefore, Hizmet rightly represents Muslims and Islam in the world to show that Islam is for all. Is not for the Arabs, is not for the Turkish, is not for the Blacks, Africans, or the Europe. It is for the entire humanity, and it is a religion of service.”

“To me, Fethullah Gülen is a very successful Islamic scholar. He was in the list of the most influential Islamic scholars because of the success he recorded in his activities. And I believe that what made him to reach this stage of success is because of his exposure and understanding of the world. He has understood Islam as a religion of peace.”