Prof. Ibrahim Muhammad got his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and Shari’ah, from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He also teaches Islamic law, Muslim Theology and Thought and Quran and Hadith Studies at this university. He is a founding member of the Council of Ulama of Nigeria.

“All these successes in educating the Muslim child were attributed to the efforts of Hizmet and to Efendi Fethullah Gülen. And when they educate, and under the educational programs, they don’t make any difference or distinguish between “this is a Muslim and this is a Christian,” or “this man is an atheist, this man is a Jew.” Their schools are open for everybody. Because Ustad Fethullah Gülen, his heart is so big that it contains everybody and is open for everybody. His mind is so broad that he brings in everybody and embrace everybody.”

Before Hizmet and before Ufuk, in Nigeria here, we do have conflict from time to time between the Muslims and the Christians. Because the Muslims don’t understand what the Christians are, and the Christians also don’t know what the Muslims are. So everybody is working apart. But when Hizmet came, they brought these two parties together. Closer. And now with the efforts of Ufuk, the Muslims and the Christians in Nigeria, they are working together for the progress of this nation.”

“I don’t think that there is no any nation on this Earth that have representative in 160 countries. Being in diplomatic missions, or trade missions, or educational attach, or military attaches, in 160 countries, you’d never have it. But Hizmet, they have a representation in 160 countries. And this is min fadlillah. So that’s why people are envying Hizmet.