Prof. Ibrahim Muhammad got his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies and Shari’ah, from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He also teaches Islamic law, Muslim Theology and Thought and Quran and Hadith Studies at this university. He is a founding member of the Council of Ulama of Nigeria.

“My opinion about Hizmet Movement. It’s a movement to uplift humanity. Service to humanity. For the progress and betterment of humanity. For the prosperity of mankind. And also for the development of the entire Ummah of Islam. So Hizmet stands for service to humanity. Service to everybody. Service in its totality.”

“Ustad Fethullah Gülen is the man of this moment. And Ustad Fethullah Gülen, as Allah subhanahu wa-ta’ala, used to send, at the beginning and at the end of every century, a person who will renew, and who will revive the faith in the Muslims. To give us faith, and to give us the courage, and to give us what we have lost. Allah will put all this in one man, bring him to mankind as hediyyah, so that he will revive the religion. So Ustad Fethullah Gülen, is a reviver and he is a reformer.”

“Hizmet charity activities is so wide and broad. Hizmet charity activities is not channeled to only one aspect. Hizmet activities in human services, it is so wide and broad that it covers the entire life and the entire needs of mankind. So Hizmet is blessed with selfless services ambassadors who work tirelessly, day and night, to pursue this goal of assisting others, of helping others.”