Dr. Anas Amatayakul is the chairman of the advisory council of Islamic Bank of Thailand. He gives seminars about relationships of civic society movements with state and is a pioneer of interreligious dialog in Thailand.

“What made the Hizmet different from the other, or from the rest of other charitable organizations or humanitarian organizations is its aim, its objective, and its goal and purpose. Because other humanitarian organizations, as well as others, what do you call, charitable organizations aim to serve mankind; as well as to serve this world. But for Hizmet, I think, the Hizmet aim to serve two worlds. This worldly life, these worldly communities, as well as the next communities, next world, or the absolute reality.”

“Education under the responsibilities of the Hizmet members that provide in every country may bring that true face of Islam, the true face of the Muslim people, to the native of each and every corner in the world. So this is the right way, because even have a look to the TV screen and watching violent things happen in the TV screen, but when they come to the school that locate in their own village, in their own colonies, in their own communities, and they have personal meeting with Hizmet teachers, the teacher serve in the school, is quite difference. This was polite, educate, and also honest, and also peace-loving and mercy.”

“If people be in doubt for the values of the Hizmet, there are many others, European, humanitarian groups, working around the world. Okay. But Hizmet is only one among few Islamic humanitarians. Or even Muslim humanitarian organizations. I think very unique. Not so many, that going to provide activities or service to mankind.”