Dr. Anas Amatayakul is the chairman of the advisory council of Islamic Bank of Thailand. He gives seminars about relationships of civic society movements with state and is a pioneer of interreligious dialog in Thailand.

“I have studies many of Muslims organization all around the world,
from the most eastern border of the Islamic world, just like in Yunnan, China, something like that, in Indonesia, okay. In Malaysia, Islamization in Malaysia, to the end of the Western border of Islamic world, in Morocco. It’s come to my knowledge, many Islamic movement and organizations. But, even in India and other place. But the Hizmet Movement play a different role. It emphasizes mostly in educations, as well as giving the importance of dialog between civilization, cultures, and religions, so I think Hizmet may be new hope for Muslims.”

“In my opinion, two important things could be credited to the Hizmet Movement. First thing, the concrete thing, the concrete thing is education, service in education, in promoting education all around the world. But second thing is that the Hizmet Movement struggling in establish the dialog between different religious communities and civilizations.”

‘’Most people may have idea that the Western world is harder to be friend with the Muslim world, but is not true. Under the activities of the Hizmet members that successfully brought the Western world to be friend with Muslims, so I think this is a great achievement.’’