Rev Sr. Anne O. Falola got her master’s degree in Christian Spirituality from the University of London. She works with The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria and is the secretary to the Episcopal Committee on Mission, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Abuja.

“I think Hizmet Movement is a wonderful initiative. We should really be grateful to those who started it, far away in Turkey. And Hizmet Movement really makes us realize that we have so much in common, in spite of our differences in religion, differences maybe in culture, but there is humanity that is binding us together. And with that, we can achieve and do a lot together.”

“People tend to be more individualistic, more money-oriented, but when you see genuine people doing things because they really love to see people happy and good, it’s, I mean, I really believe it’s true now. I mean, it’s not that they are faking it or they are thinking of other things, but I think it’s a genuine way. Be motivated by the teachings of the Prophet to reach out to humanity.”

“Hizmet Movement is a human organization, and I believe that only God is perfect. So, but within the human limitations, I think Hizmet Movement is for me near perfect. Because I see a genuine love for people, and I wish they would work, as I said earlier, work more with Muslims in Nigeria especially, because I think we need to learn to read the holy books from a perspective of construction rather than