Rev Sr. Anne O. Falola got her master’s degree in Christian Spirituality from the University of London. She works with The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria and is the secretary to the Episcopal Committee on Mission, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Abuja.

“I have read a lot of Mr. Gulen’s books, and I find them inspiring. And we don’t share the same religion, but the basic ideology of being close to others, I think can inspire anybody anywhere in the world. So I encourage people to really read his books and encourage people to share, from where they are, the lives of those around them, and to make that life richer and better, as Gülen has done.”

“I really think that the Hizmet Movement is a wonderful gift to the world, and especially to Islam. Because sometimes we only hear of Islam where there is violence, and this is a very beautiful face of Islam. And it’s really teaching a lot of us to admire the teachings of the Prophet.”

“You could see that men and women who work in Hizmet Movement are religious people, and their foundation is based on the teachings of the Prophet, but by no means are they compulsively making people believe what they believe, but they share what they believe, which actually makes us respect them more.”