Dr. Peter A. Cohen is senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Clemson University. He teaches world religions courses at Clemson University. He previously taught at Appalachian State University, Florida State University, and Florida A&M University. He has a Ph.D. in Humanities and Religion, Florida State University. He teaches adult education in area churches on Sunday mornings.

“The dinners they put on, the dialog dinners are marvelous. The exchange, the dialogs they have, the programming, the films that they show. This willingness to not force anything. Not to talk about politics. Not to be partisan. Not to talk about religion per se, but just to share the culture of their wonderful history.”

“First thing I would say to any kind of criticisms of the Movement is when I first got involved with them, I had questions. Serious questions about whether or not it was real. Whether it was propaganda. Whether it was too good to be true. The idea of ulterior motives. And over time, I looked into the Movement… what I would say to these people with questions is, “ask the questions.” …They have welcomed any questions. And I constantly ask questions about things, and I’ve never been sandbagged, to my think or otherwise”

“The meetings that they have with people, the actual contact. One of the problems we have in our culture, without question, is fear. Fear of the unknown. And when many from the Movement come to organizations, go to churches, go to synagogues, come to classes, they put a face on the Muslim people. It’s not something that is distant, it’s not something that is foreign, it’s a human being that is there in front of them, and first and foremost, a human being.”