Prof. Jibril Dahiru Amin is the Chancellor of the Federal University, Nigeria. He is former chairman of the Committee of Vice Chancellors. He is an elected member of the Veterinary Council of Nigeria. He has M.S. and Ph.D. from the Royal Veterinary College at University of London. For his contributions to veterinary profession, he received “Officer of the Year Award”.

“The Hizmet Movement is made up of individuals that are very committed to the cause of the Movement, to the cause of Islam. They’re very diligent persons, very social, very friendly, and in many ways, very helpful to the community where they live. They are certainly one of the best sort of people you can live with and interact with, and this is my opinion of the members of the Hizmet Movement.”

“Mr. Gülen is a remarkable gentleman. He’s a visionary gentleman. For him to have conceived the idea of establishing schools in many parts of the world, and to make education, in addition to other social aspects of life, as the central part of the Hizmet Movement, makes him one of the most influential persons living today.”

“Especially, in contemporary times, certainly the Hizmet Movement gives people the correct, the true version of Islam, and rather than what we see in countries like Syria and Iran, in Libya, and even here in Nigeria, where we have the Boko Haram. The Hizmet Movement is a direct opposite of it, and they are the people who actually represent Islam. Selfless service, love for your common, the other person, and really, peace and helping of the less privileged, particularly, and so on and so forth.”