Chris Heavner is campus pastor at Clemson University and a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He received Masters of Divinity from The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. At Clemson University, he devoted time to advance cooperation between black and white members of the community.

“These graduate students that I’ve met here in Clemson have shown the importance, not simply of a school teaching information, but a school being involved in formation. Formation for adulthood, formation for responsible citizenship in the world. And so again, my experience of Hizmet and the Hizmet schools has been that this is something that they have done very well. Certainly they’ve done it very well in the lives of the young men and women that I have had the opportunity to meet and to greet.”

“If there is some conspiracy behind Hizmet and behind Gülen, then those who spoke with me had to be extremely well-schooled. Otherwise, I do not believe they could have given the answers that were as uniform in their principles, even though they differed in the particulars of how they were living out Hizmet in their own life.”

“A movement of concerned individuals, a movement of committed individuals, who are looking to do all that they can in order to promote the common good, and in order to reflect Islam’s insistence that we be of service and care to those who are our neighbors, particularly those neighbors who are in the greatest need.”