Dr. Khalid Abubakar Aliyu is the Secretary-General of Jama’atu Nasril Islam. He holds Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Islamic Studies. He founded many schools including the Night Islamic School and an Adult Women Education School. He promotes the cause of peaceful co-existence among the Muslim and Christian in Nigeria. He had published many works in the area of education, health, religion, and democracy.

“Hizmet Movement, if you ask me what it stands for, it stands for Islam, humanity, service, education, development of humanity, and overall developing a core value of love, care, understanding, compassion, and sympathy.”

“When you go to Turkey, when you go to Istanbul or you go to places, it is there that you appreciate these quality people of the Hizmet Movement. Leaving their world to come to the world of their brothers and sisters to help them. And this is what distinguishes Hizmet Movement from other movements within the Muslim world. And I think it is an eye-opener.”

“The Hizmet Movement’s interfaith activity is fantastic. I was opportuned to participate in the last Peace, Love, and Tolerance conference, that took place in Abuja. For the first time, I saw the Christian clergy, from the Catholic to the Anglican to all of these coming together, with Muslim clergy to sit together and talk about love, peace, and tolerance.”