Prof. Jean Farish is a Transformational Author and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She was Former Chair of the Department of School, Community and Rehabilitation Counseling at Jackson State University. She earned the Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She is the Director of Personal Enhancement Projects, a humanitarian initiative of The Dialogue Institute of Mississippi.

“The Hizmet Movement operates on the premise of social justice, world peace, and harmony. And I’m deeply inspired by this grassroots movement’s capacity to mobilize international resources to serve the community and serve the underdeveloped as well as developing countries. And Hizmet operates on the premise of altruistic community service, and it advocates social consciousness. And it serves as a platform for global cooperation among civilizations through true dialog and universal shared values.”

“Mr. Gülen is an admirable, world-renowned scholar, prolific writer, and divine messenger. And through his innovating thinking, he has really put the Hizmet Movement into action. He joins the ranks of contemporary leaders for world peace, and Mr. Gülen has transformed the hearts and minds of people throughout the world through his philosophical beliefs, spiritual development, intellect, his beliefs and values.”

“The Hizmet Movement is grounded in its role of religion and faith. And it supports peaceful coexistence, democracy, freedom of thought, and the pursuit of education. And it denounces violence and oppression of people, in all sectors of society. The Hizmet Movement builds civilizations through cooperation resulting from true dialog and universal shared values.”