Jane E. Mauldin is a minister at Unitarian Universalist Church. She is a chaplain at Touro Infirmary Hospital. She has her Doctorate of Ministry from Meadville /Lombard Theological School, Chicago. Prof.Mauldin was ordained and installed as minister of Second Unitarian in 1982.

“My opinion of Hizmet is of a movement which is welcoming and deeply committed to the mission of loving other people… As we all know, there are those who are using the name of Islam to do very cruel things in the world. And through Hizmet, my eyes have been opened to a different way of being Muslim. Of kindness, of generosity, of deep commitment to loving other people.”

“I see in Mr. Gülen someone who inspires people to truly love one another. To do good in the world. To do the best work they can do, for what they are called to do. Whether it is to teach in schools, to build schools, to help people in disaster relief, to promote interfaith understanding. So if Mr. Gülen is someone who inspires each of these good works, I am deeply impressed, and I find much to admire.”

“In my view, Hizmet Movement represents the very best that Islam can be…So what I see of Hizmet is pulling the very best that Islam can be, and putting it into action in the world. I’ve seen men and women make great personal sacrifices in order to support Hizmet, to build schools, to serve the poor, to help people with disasters, and to especially promote interfaith understanding. That’s why I have had a whole new experience about Islam, is because of Hizmet’s focus on interfaith understanding and interfaith dialog.”