Robert Rice is an ordained Presbyterian Pastor since 1977. He served as a Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Norman, Oklahoma for 17 last years. He received his Doctorate of Ministry from Austin Theological Seminary. Rev. Rice authored a number of articles for various religious periodicals and contributed chapters to two books on pastoral theology.

“Mr. Gülen’s call for respect for others and love for others and the people that he has inspired have been quite impressive to me. We’re told in our Christian Scripture that we can know people by their fruits, by the product of their work and what they do. And while I do not know Mr. Gülen personally, and have read not too many of his writings, the people that I’ve experienced firsthand who’ve been inspired by him and the work that they do have caused me to have great admiration for him as a person.”

“Mr. Gülen and the Hizmet Movement’s call for dialog and the respect of others, particularly people of other religious traditions rank really high on my list of contributing to the common good, but also his and the Movement’s involvement in education and the many schools that they establish, some of which I was able to visit while I was in Turkey, as well as their attempt to alleviate poverty, are also ranked really highly on contributing to the common good.”

“In my view, the Hizmet Movement represents, by its respect for others and compassion for others, as well as its call for dialog, its emphasis on education, and on alleviating poverty, represents the very best of Islam…And as I have experienced the Hizmet Movement, it’s not about making the world Muslim, but about making Muslims for the world, and in service to the world. And this, I think, represents the best of any religion, to make the world more like the world that God intended, by showing mercy and compassion and love to others.”