James C. Scott is an arhitect, AIA (American Institute of Architects) and AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners. He founded and served as the President of Applied Urban Research Institute, Kansas City (1993 – 2004). He teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri and Park University. He has a long history in health care strategic planning and institutional community engagement.

“All the people I’ve met with the Hizmet Movement have been pious and genuinely kind, and really wanted to share their outlook, and to look at ways that we might share our outlook as well. And I thought that kind of continued with the Hizmet people I met in Turkey as well. Incredibly hospitable as well and, but genuine in their exploration of their religious piety.”

“It seems like both here and in Turkey, the Gülen Movement has made a real commitment to education and social change. And the education commitment is evident by schools in both countries, but in addition, a real social agenda, again for tolerance and kindness and sharing of cultural and personal point of view, as well. It seems like the educational commitment is the most profound, although there are other commitments that are evident, more in Turkey than here. Philanthropic commitments, and a genuine social agenda that promotes a tolerant society.”

“Hizmet really makes an effort to reach out to other faiths, and it has looked for ways that other faiths can share their understanding and also that they can be receptive to the message that Islam can bring, and Hizmet has promoted a connection to the Jewish community, and has promoted a strong connection with the Christian community, and that long-term commitment is gonna be a part of a basis for respect, I’d suggest, for Hizmet in the US, certainly.”