Phyllis E. Bernard is a Distinguished Professor of Law, Oklahoma City University. She is the Director of the Center on Alternative Dispute Resolution. She is a fellow of the National Association of Administrative Law Judges. Prof. Bernard is the co-editor of the book, “Dispute Resolution Ethics: A Comprehensive Guide”. She holds a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

“As some people would say, the way I grew up, you will know a tree by its fruit. The fruit of the Hizmet Movement, as I have studied it and as I have observed it, including and maybe especially here in my town of Oklahoma City, is extremely positive. Hizmet means service, and that means that you actually put into action the words, instead of just preaching. Instead of self-congratulatory events…Instead, Hizmet very humbly and very quietly just goes about making it so.”

“ I think of him as one of those great leaders who came along at just the right time to inspire a generation at a pivotal time, in not only the history of Turkey, but of the world. Because he was able to reach out to people who were otherwise not a part of the privileged classes, he was able to encourage people to believe that they were worthy, because God made them worthy.”

“I think that Hizmet’s interfaith activities are amazing. I have nothing but gratitude, and I am deeply humbled by the commitment that Hizmet members have made in terms of contributions of time and money and energy, in order to facilitate not only the dialogs locally, but especially the visits to Turkey itself.”