Prof. Eve Levin is a Professor in the Department of History at the University of Kansas. She focuses on Pre-modern Russia and Eastern Europe. She offers courses in all periods of Russian history and in the history of Christianity. Prof. Levin received her Ph.D. from Indiana University. She received the Graduate Mentor Award from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in 2012.

“I think that the Hizmet Movement represents what is best in Islam. The most peaceful, the most helpful, the most socially progressive aspects of Islam. I think that its advocacy of peace and justice through peaceful means is a very important aspect of Islam. And of course, the Hizmet Movement does so much good for individuals who are in need at different times.”

“I think that Fethullah Gülen, from what I have read of his works, has very interesting ideas. I particularly like his advocacy of a form of Islam that is compatible with the modern world, that is promoting peace, equality, and justice, and freedom in the world. And I think that that’s a voice that many Americans have not heard out of the Islamic movement, even though Fethullah Gülen and others like him have been saying it for a long time.”

“From what I saw of Hizmet charity activities when I was in Turkey, I was very impressed with how organized and how modern they were. But even more, I was interested to hear how a Hizmet-related charity helped in the United States when there was Superstorm Sandy on the East Coast, and there was devastation. We Americans often think about how we help other countries, and I think it’s very good for us to receive help from other countries, because it’s the mutuality of aid that really builds the bridges.”