Imam Imad S. Enchassi is the president, founder, and Imam of Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. He is also chair of Islamic Studies at Oklahoma City University. He is founder and former Executive Director of Mercy Education Foundation. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Daawa University Institute, Beirut, Lebanon. He has received the Interfaith Alliance “Community Service Award” and CAIR “Inspiration Award”

“Now the other aspect of Hizmet is bringing people from conflict zone together… So the more you bring people of different views together, the more they eat together, the more they drink tea together, the more they interact together socially, and the more they work together towards societal good, the less likely those people will have a conflict in the future. Maybe a lot of people might not read through it right now, in this generation, as we turn our TVs and see a lot of these conflicts around the world, but maybe within a couple of generations we’re looking towards something everybody’s hoping for, which is world’s peace.”

“Having Hizmet do exactly the same thing, and what I like more about it, maybe I could elaborate more, is the money that are raised are being given to local charities, to actual organization within Oklahoma. The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and other organization, to alleviate the suffering of the people within our state.”

“Any movement that has been successful has been criticized… But if we actually are sincere, and I believe that this particular Hizmet Movement is very sincere, if we’re sincere, we can expect these kinds of things. These kind of things gonna come, either for political reasons or for social reasons, for jealousy reasons, whichever reason there is, but if we are sincere and we’re doing what we’re doing for the sake of a higher cause, then we’re gonna move forward.”