Imam Imad S. Enchassi is the president, founder, and Imam of Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. He is also chair of Islamic Studies at Oklahoma City University. He is founder and former Executive Director of Mercy Education Foundation. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Daawa University Institute, Beirut, Lebanon. He has received the Interfaith Alliance “Community Service Award” and CAIR “Inspiration Award”

“You know, I’m gonna have to say in my opinion, the main contribution of this particular movement to common good is the essence of hidmet or hizmet, serving humanity… The Movement have actually done so much social work within the community, bringing all aspects of community together.”

“Hizmet Movement represents Islam in its best. In the aspect of Islam, any time you look in the Qur’an itself, you would see verses say, “those who believe and do good deeds.” There’s always that notion, Islamically, from the Muslim perspective, that there is that notion that belief is not good enough, but that belief have to come out to manifest itself in good deeds, to serve humanity, to serve fellow human beings, to bring people together, to bring peace to humanity, to work towards common goal for societal good.”

“In my opinion, this particular movement, Hizmet Movement, has actually, is an embodiment of sincerity. I repeat that word again because when you’re sincere and you have a common goal, God bless those kind of things. From the theological perspective and from the Qur’anic perspective, that there is that bliss. And that is, that’s complete bliss, and complete, I see this as a movement that is being blessed and moving forward, and affecting all aspects of society.”