Dennis Davis is chief legal officer at HMC/CAH Consolidated, Inc. He worked as an attorney in private practice from 1972 to 2008. He acted as outside general counsel for several Greater Kansas City area companies. He is experienced in medical claims, real estate development, business contract negotiation and administration.

“I would think that the thing that most appeals to me, as contributing to the common good, that I have observed from my contact with the Hizmet Movement is the fact that they’re trying, in a world that is very divided, and very intolerant, to be accepting and tolerant of all people, regardless of their race, religion, where they reside. And I find that to be an idea that the world that we live in today could certainly use a lot more of.”

“And it seemed to me, if you were looking for ambassadors, if we can use that word, from the Islamic world to the Western world, the Christian, Jewish, or even Buddhist world, you couldn’t find better ambassadors, because of the tolerant views that the people that I’ve been involved with in the Gülen Movement have expressed to me.”

“The level of dedication and, really, enjoyment that they seem, the Hizmet, the people associated with the Movement, seem to get from it is, to me, quite inspiring and unusual. So I’ve been very impressed with their dedication and their sincerity.”