Gregory Rieke is a Financial Advisor. He is former president and board member of Friends of the Johnson County Historical Museum. He is a chair of Advisory Board of Dialogue Institute of the Southwest. He is former president, board member and regional Council representative of AFS Intercultural Programs. Rieke received MBA and B.A. in American Studies and Political Science from University of Kansas.

“To me, Fethullah Gülen is a spokesman for peace and moderation, at a time when both are severely threatened. He has put his life on the line in many ways, speaking up for the best tradition within Islam, of course, and has asked that people of all religious traditions learn to speak with one another with respect, and show dignity to one another. And to me, that’s a vital, important thing right now.”

“And Mr. Gülen and the Hizmet Movement that he has inspired have a long tradition of moderation and respect for other people. So to me, what draws me into sympathy with the aims of the Movement is the approach of respect and human dignity that it always embodies. I have never seen it fail to meet up to that challenge. At a time when our country and others are waging war, the people in the Hizmet Movement are aggressively waging peace. So to me that’s big news, and something I want to be part of.”

“There are many civil movements that deserve respect and admiration and active support. And many that I support as well. This one I think is somewhat unique, in that it focuses on the opportunities for people to bridge what we think are boundaries that separate us.”