Dann J. May is an Adjunct Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Oklahoma City University. He is the Director for the Vivian Wimberly Center for Ethics & Servant Leadership . He has an M.A. in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies from University of North Texas.His academic interests include philosophy of religion, Asian religions and philosophy, and interreligious dialogue. May has given numerous lectures, classes and seminars around the country.

“I would have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person in the Hizmet Movement that wasn’t just a wonderful person. And I think just judging it by the character of the people, how friendly, how generous, how dedicated to making humanity, to improve humanity, to be of service, is amazing.”

“From, I’ve read some things that Fethullah Gülen has written. I’ve studied his life. I was very impressed just with his early education, his memorizing of the Qur’an, his commentaries that include modern science, modern history, and applying it to Islam and applying it to the global world we live in, it’s very appealing. And I think in a time when we often think of Islam as being a violent religion or overly political, the writings of Mr. Gülen are a refreshing breath.”

“Hizmet Movement, if I was thinking about it in terms of Islam, it is a twenty-first century, global approach to what’s best in Islam… When I think about the early history of Islam and the great civilization and sciences and so on it created, I see all that in the Hizmet Movement, the emphasis on education, on women’s rights, on quality education for all. To me, it’s the best of Islam. It’s Islam at its best.”