Reverend Dr. Bill Crowell is the Interfaith Trialogue Chair at Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. He is responsible for adult programming, reconciliation, and spiritual formation. He received Master of Divinity from Duke University Divinity School. Crowell holds a Doctorate of Ministry from the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California.

“What I’ve learned about Mr. Gülen has been through some television reporting… So I think very highly of him, because, one, he is a holy man. He has used his position and his popularity, I think, to very good use. He’s tried very hard, I think, to get, when he is in front of a camera, to speak very plainly about the good work that is happening in not only the country, but around the world. So I think very highly of him.”

“I think the most important parts of the Hizmet Movement are the schools and the educational emphasis that he’s making and spreading throughout the world. I think if you really want to bring change to a world view and situation, you help do that through your young people. And so children and youth and the teachers that teach them, I think that’s a great and smart way for this Movement to put a lot of its resources, and it looks like it’s really done that very well.”

“I think that their charitable work is another example of the kind of understanding that they hope to pass on to the world and to countries all around. They’re trying to say that, “we are part of the community. We are part of your community. And when disasters happen, when bad things happen, we will be there to help people that aren’t even part of our religion. That don’t even agree with us. We’ll be there for you. We’ll provide money. We’ll provide blankets, we’ll provide all that.” That’s a wonderful thing.”