Patricia “Patty” Arias is managing and External Affairs Director of the Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL. Her responsibilities include governmental relations, institutional and business development. She has been involved in the area of economic development for over 30 years on a local, national and international level. She is the founder and Executive Producer of the Miami Media and Film Market. Arias was named International Business Woman of the Year by the World Trade Center, Miami in 2007.

“The Hizmet Movement is a movement, my opinion is that any movement or any organization or any spirit or belief that advocates tolerance, and that advocates dialog, and that advocates freedom in every sense, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, I think that’s very important to the society of a country, so, especially in these complex times.”

“Fethullah Gülen is an Imam that promotes freedom, promotes tolerance, promotes dialog. He’s very liberal in his views on the West and on other religions and other philosophies, so I firmly believe that he’s a power of good. He’s a force of good, not a power, he’s a force of good. He’s an influence of good in these very complicated times, and I like a lot of the things that he stands for.”

“The Hizmet Movement is a movement of tolerance and of beauty, and it shows people like me that there’s beauty in Islam. There is a great deal of beauty in Islam, like there is a great deal of beauty in Christianism, and there’s a great deal of beauty in Judaism. So why can’t we all work together toward the common good, and toward the powers that are tainting Islam right now?”