Gustavo G. Godoy is executive editor and publisher of Vista Magazine, a monthly magazine that reaches Hispanic Americans across the nation. He has held numerous positions in the U.S. market as well as in Spanish language television. He is 2013 SunCoast Gold Circle Award recipient for his more than fifty years work in the television industry. Godoy is a four-time Suncoast EMMY® Award winner. He is active in professional organizations as well as in community service.

“I think it’s a movement that is bringing communications among people, communications with the world, peaceful, educational, and it brings together people from many different points, from religious, from political thoughts and everything. It is a cohesive movement and, that is going, doing the best thing for the nation right now, and for the world.”

“The most important contribution that Mr. Fethullah Gulen’s movement is doing right now, from my vantage point, is to bring peace, not only to Turkey, but to the world, and to bring an interaction of different nations, and different people, and different cultures. Because being the world that we are today, we need from everybody and to be in touch with everybody. Communications is essential for all countries. And I think that Mr. Fethullah was ahead of the game.”

“I think that the biggest difference between the Movement, Mr. Gülen’s Movement, and other organizations, that it spreads not only to the Middle East, to Islamic countries, but to the world in general. It’s a people to people engagement. Of knowing how to better their lives, how to communicate, and how to learn from other experiences, other faiths and other countries and other political situations… I think it brings a togetherness in people. And it brings something that is badly needed, which is peace.”