Reverend Bryan G. Fulwider is founding president and CEO of the nonprofit Building US. He serves as chairperson of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida. He is an ordained minister who has served over 30 years in both the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ. He is a “Life Trustee” of the Chicago Theological Seminary. Fulwider lectures and writes widely on interfaith and diversity issues.

“The Hizmet Movement, I have found, is an amazing gift to the community. I had not known of the Movement until I got acquainted with friends at the Atlantic Institute, and what I found was that there was a passion for helping to build bridges, to bring about better understanding among people from different faith traditions, to build good relations between Turkey and the US, but also between people from various religious backgrounds.”

“I found his philosophy to be consistent with my own, about building relationships between people. A commitment, strong commitment to peace and peaceful dialog and conversation, to living out your faith with great energy and enthusiasm and joy, and to help others, to really, and these are all core values that he brings to his understanding of what Islam is from his perspective, and what the call of people are to one another in the world. So I have a very, very positive view of Fethullah Gülen.”

“I think within the Muslim world, he represents the course of true Islam. His background in the Sufi tradition, his connection, in terms of his own home town relationship there, and the spiritual aspects of his own journey, and that invitation to really be in touch with that deep spirituality, and spirituality of love, and grace, and compassion is, I think, is the heart of the Islamic understanding. And I think people who study Gülen will understand the depth of Islam, in its greatest and most noble form.”