Marcos Regalado is the President and CEO of Aidant Enterprises, a consulting firm specializing in international business development. He is former director of the Miami-Dade County Commission on Human Rights. He serves as the president of the Spanish American League Against Discrimination (SALAD). Mr. Regalado is an advisory board member to the South Florida Campus of the Ana G. Mendez University System.

“My overall opinion of the Hizmet Movement is that it’s a very positive movement throughout the world. Now more than ever, we need that type of activities, we need those types of individuals who are committed to working to provide a better place for everyone in the world. Then, what struck me very favorably is that it is a movement that originated in Turkey. It is a movement that originated out of the Muslim religion, and we just need to have more people become aware of what the Movement means to the countries and the people of the world.”

“My views of Mr. Fethullah Gülen is that I wish I would know him personally, but from what I have read, he is one of the inspiring individuals that we have currently in the world today. I would compare him to, let’s say, individuals such as Martin Luther King. I would even go as far as to say that in my view, you know, individuals that transform societies, like Gandhi and others. To me, he would be, he is in that category.”

“I was very impressed with the Hizmet schools throughout the world. I had an opportunity to visit some schools in Africa, in Tanzania. Very impressed, not only by the quality of the education, but by the commitment of the individuals, of the professors, many of Turkish origin, who have been away from their country for many years…I have great respect for the commitment that the professors, teachers in Hizmet schools throughout the world, give each day to better the lives of those individuals in those particular countries.”