René García is Republican member of the Florida State Senate. He served in the Florida House of Representatives for eight years. He received his MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Miami. He is the chairman of the Healthcare Regulation Committee for Florida. Garcia serves in Governmental Oversight & Accountability, Agriculture, and Budget Sub-committee on Health & Human Services Appropriations committees.

“Hizmet Movement, it’s a great movement, and I’ll tell you, I wish we had more movements like this one, because it’s all about bringing people together. It’s about tolerance, it’s about love. It’s about understanding that we all are different, and we can build on the differences and compassion for each other. It’s about human, being human with one another, and helping those that unfortunately can’t help themselves, for whatever reason.”

“Mr. Gülen is an incredible, incredible man for being able to bring this movement, not only to Turkey, but bring it to the world. Very few men have the courage to do something of this nature, and not knowing him personally. I don’t know him. I’ve read his book, and it truly is an inspiration. And this world could use a lot more men like him.”

“I guess the most important part of the Movement, of the Hizmet Movement, has been educating children. Educating children, not only in the science and maths and languages, but educating them that people from all different types of religions can come together and work together. And that’s what this world needs… We have one planet, and one planet is, it’s this planet we live, and it’s called Earth. And we have to be able to understand and love each other and help each other, and that’s what it’s been doing.”