Imam Muhammad Musri is imam and the President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida since 1993. He is the president of American Islam since 1996. He is also Founder and President of Muslim Social Services and The Peace Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Graduate Theological Union. Imam Musri produces the weekly television program ‘Islam,’ and is a regular lecturer at universities and colleges.

“And I think one of the best things that the Hizmet Movement has done, under the leadership of Mr. Fethullah Gülen, was to engage and focus on interfaith today. This is what I call religious diplomacy. And I’m very disappointed that it’s not happening the same way in Egypt, it’s not happening the same way in many other countries, where we see Christians and Muslims are constantly fighting.”

“There are many Hizmet schools. That is something that we respect them so much for it, because through education, you influence minds of people and hearts of people, to do the right thing… And Hizmet is one of the few, very few organizations that goes and opens schools in Africa and in poor countries, educate people who are in poverty and in need, and lift them up so that they become good citizens, good leaders of their society.”

“I had the opportunity and privilege to visit the Hizmet Movement relief efforts and warehouses in Istanbul, and see first-hand a lot of the work they provide to Syrian refugees, and I have seen the love and the compassion they do… We always see, you know, non-Muslim organizations coming to the aid of Muslims, when there is an earthquake or disaster. Because of the professionalism of the Hizmet relief and charitable organizations, now we are proud to say we are seeing Muslims at their best, providing the best quality professional service to help victims of natural disasters around the world.”