Imam Muhammad Musri is imam and the President of the Islamic Society of Central Florida since 1993. He is the president of American Islam since 1996. He is also Founder and President of Muslim Social Services and The Peace Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Graduate Theological Union. Imam Musri produces the weekly television program ‘Islam,’ and is a regular lecturer at universities and colleges.

“Over the ten years that I worked with members of the Hizmet Movement here in the United States, I have developed a great deal of respect for the Movement, because they are very active in interfaith work, and they present Islam in a very good light, especially to the American people, who many of them feel that Muslims are radical and Muslims are, because of what they see on the news, they always think of Muslims to be violent radicals.”

“I’ve never met Mr. Fethullah Gülen, but I have read some of his books, his works, and his interfaith activities, and I have a great deal of respect for his vision of a peaceful world, bringing people of different faiths, especially Muslims, Christians, and Jews, to have dialog and to learn about each other in a very peaceful way, and that we really need in our world today.”

“In my opinion, the contributions of Mr. Fethullah Gülen to the common good, and also the Hizmet Movement in general, that he has led and created, is to present, in the time of doubt, when people today, in the world, in America, in Europe, are always talking in the media about Islam and terrorism, Islam and violence, we need strong voice, very consistent, solid voice, to speak about peace, love, humanity, and how we can all coexist in respectful way.”

“Hizmet Movement has, for many years, represented Islam beautifully by actual good work. People believe what they see. Not what they hear. When they see schools open, when they see people giving relief, when they see actual dialog, and people are coming to the homes of the members of Hizmet Movement, see them, how they live, and they respect them and love them, that is how the impression is made, and it’s a lasting impression.”