Celeste Krueger is a specialist in Organizational Development, Leadership & Executive Coaching. She received Masters Specialist degree in Counselor Education from University of Florida. She is the President of Celeste Krueger & Associates, a consulting and coaching company. She is the former Executive Director of OneJax Institute, an interfaith organization and received “Bridge Building Award” from The Islamic Center of Northeast Florida in 2011.

“I wish that I had already had the opportunity to meet Mr. Gülen, and I have not directly, but I have read some of his writings. I find him to be a balanced and thoughtful scholar. I personally have an affinity for the tradition from which he comes… As I read Mr. Gülen, he has great respect for those kinds of principles that are a balance of science and faith, a respect for women, in a context where many people think that’s not the case.”

“I think among the most significant contributions of Mr. Gülen, for the common good, are several things. One, a sense of valuing and respecting humanity. In general terms, people, regardless of race, creed, origin. I think that his ideas are spot on about addressing poverty and education as a means to helping people move out of oppression.”

“Hizmet does one of the best jobs I’ve ever experienced of bringing people of different cultures and traditions together in very personal ways, not just theoretical or philosophical kinds of conversations, but people breaking bread together at the table, and asking about each others’ lives, and my impression is that it’s a very strong and sturdy movement. It’s very organic.”