David Rieck is a retired financial executive of both for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations. He earned his M.B.A. in Finance from the University of Hartford. His professional career focus was the development and management of large healthcare service delivery systems. He served in leadership positions on a variety of non-profit organizations. He currently serves as a voluntary Advisor to the Atlantic Institute of Central Florida.

“The Hizmet Movement, as I understand it, is actively involved in education, in health care, in disaster relief, and in journalism and publication, and the free exchange of opinion. Those four activities are very worthwhile in any of our countries. They’re worthwhile in any of our cultures. That contribution to the fabric of our world is a very valuable one.”

“I mean, Gülen is an international leader of great significance at this time in our world. He is a bridge-builder, and by that, I mean he doesn’t build bridges over water or valleys, but he builds bridges between various cultures, various faiths, various beliefs, of countries and schools of thought. He has set out some principles by which any person can follow and be a contributing factor in his community, or in his mosque, or church, or synagogue. We should be grateful for his leadership.”

“I think it is a great initiative on the part of the Hizmet Movement to offer educational institutions to various communities around the world, especially those communities that can’t initiate them on their own. Obviously, the interaction of various nationalities, faiths, races, the children interacting with each other allows them to grow up with an understanding and a belief that many of us did not have in our upbringing.”

“Hizmet exercises its opportunity to help other nations of the world through its disaster recovery programs. While each of us would like to be able to help those affected by disaster in other parts of the world, natural disasters, Hizmet gathers the resources from people that are supportive of helping, and because of that, it’s very useful and has a very practical effect on the disaster recoveries of various countries. Therefore, the Hizmet Movement, like other non-profit organizations in other countries, is a vital part of the disaster relief efforts around the world.”