Prof. José Fernández is Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, University of Central Florida. He got Ph.D. in Spanish from Florida State University. His research interests include Latin America and Hispanics in U.S. He taught courses like Latin American Culture, History of Florida, and History of the Mexican Revolution. Prof. Fernández served as the President of The Florida Historical Society between 2006 and 2008.

“I believe the Hizmet Movement stands for commitment. I mean, to me, that’s the key word there. It’s a commitment to God. It’s a commitment to the individual. A commitment to peace. A commitment to understanding. A commitment to do good works, here on Earth. And because of their commitment, the members of the Hizmet Movement have both my respect and my admiration, also.”

“I would say the great contributions of the Hizmet Movement, of Fethullah Gülen, is to inspire people to do good works, to inspire people to better themselves, and to send a message, really, of solidarity among the peoples of this world, no matter what your faith is, no matter what your nationality is. It is an all-encompassing movement with an inspirational leader, and what more can you get?”

“The interfaith activities of the Hizmet Movement, to me it’s a salient feature. It is a salient feature because it brings people together. It brings people to discuss our similarities, our differences. It is, when you attend, when one attends one of the interfaith dialog, you come out of it a better person. A better person, just by listening to one another and respecting one another.”