Robert S. Bennett is an attorney and the owner of The Bob Bennett & Associates Law Firm in Houston, Texas. He attended law school at the University of Houston. He is certified as a specialist in consumer and commercial law. He worked as the General Counsel for the Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Guatemala. In the last ten years, Robert focused his practice on defending attorneys, doctors, and judges, along with other professionals.

Mr. Gülen is a wonderful leader. He is a person that inspires, not only adults, but inspires youth. And the impact of that, on so many levels, has been profound. And so I certainly am an admirer of him. There are some things that I find could be improved, but I certainly am an admirer of him. And there’s been talk about him being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and I think that would be another wonderful thing.

I’ve always felt that interfaith dialog, interfaith getting along, interfaith respect, is very, very important. And so, when I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge, to go with a group, an interfaith group, to Turkey, and I’ve done this on four occasions now, over the last eight years, and meet with Muslims, and meet with people who want to understand other faiths, want to understand the United States, want to understand foreign policy, want to understand how people should get along. This is one of the most important contributions that the Movement has given, not to Texas, not to the United States, but to the world, of trying to simply bring people together.

I look at it as how, look at what they’ve accomplished, look at what they’re trying to do, and then see if we can work together on projects that benefit mankind. So I have never really thought, “well, there’s a hidden agenda,” or “maybe it’s too good,” or “maybe they are not very nice to each other when we’re not around,” or “maybe they talk behind our backs,” or “maybe we don’t understand Turkish.” That’s not an issue to me, because of the development of relationships, the development of friendships, the personal observation of what I’ve seen and what the group has accomplished.