Prof. Bashir Ansari is Professor of Arabic culture at Southern Methodist University. He studied Khartoum International Institute of Arabic Language in Sudan and San Francisco State University. He wrote about 10 books and over 100 articles on culture, religion and politics. His book “Afganistan on The Blaze of Oil” was published about 20 times. He is a former Afghani diplomat.

Ustad Fethullah Gülen is one of the most influential intellectual in the world. So nowadays he is well-known by everyone in the world. So as a Muslim writer and a Muslim scholar, I have to be familiar with his thought and with his writing, with his books, with his system of thinking. And Ustad Fethullah Gülen, my point is that he is the Gandhi of Islamic world nowadays. And he is the one who represent the beautiful face of Islam. That he is the identity of Islam as a complete religion.

The most important contribution of Hizmet Movement and Ustad Fethullah Gülen is the industry of making of human being. This is the most important part of this movement. So I saw it, and I feel it, and I observe it in different countries, in America, in Afghanistan, in Turkey, in some other Arabic countries, in European countries, and Hizmet Movement is not a political party. The objective of this movement is not political power. The objective is to change human being. When the human being is being changed, the society will be changed.

The thing that draw my attention is that Hizmet Movement, and the literature of Hizmet Movement addresses the pure nature of human being. So these walls between religions, and between different groups of human beings in today’s world, it is a big obstacle for Islamic call, for Islamic mission, for Islamic da’wah. So we are the children of the same Hawwa and the same Adam, and we are, we are created by one God.