Robert S. Spencer is a retired communications consultant. He offered a wide range of communication skills to a wide variety of industries and governments. He worked as a technical writer for various companies in Calgary and Vancouver.

“I’ve always believed, before I knew of Hizmet, that being part of a society means that you have a responsibility, along with all the good benefits that you receive. And what I found with the Hizmet Movement was a fruition of that ideal of mine, that truly lived the experience of responsibility to their society.”

“Everything that I saw about the Hizmet Movement said that if we are responsible, and give back to our society, then everybody prospers, and everybody is healthy, emotionally, psychologically. That’s the true path, to me.”

“Fethullah Gülen is somebody that we should all pay attention to, because he saw the path that we can walk down to change our world from one of war and anger and rebellion into one of unity and peace.”

“With Hizmet, you encompass everything, you bring everything in towards that common goal, rather than narrowing yourselves. And to me, that gives greater opportunity for people to participate in the concept of Hizmet, or the concept of service, and a much broader pool from which you can build that commonality.”

“I always get angry when I hear cynics. Mostly because, maybe I’m naive, maybe I’m a hopeful kind of person generally, but cynicism only destroys. And when you run into a movement like Hizmet, where people dedicate their lives, and not just a couple of weeks, a year, or a month here, but dedicate their lives to promoting such a good purpose of bringing humanity together, I tend to ignore them, because they’re expressing something that isn’t real, and doesn’t belong in the discourse. Fethullah Gülen teaches us how to communicate. And without that hatred, without those barriers,”