Solomon J. Rolingher is a lawyer and Senior Partner of Duncan & Craig, LLP. His practice areas include commercial and construction litigation; real estate transactions and financing. He worked as a petroleum engineer in the Gulf of Mexico. He is the Founder and Chair of The Phoenix Multi-Faith Society.

“I would very much appreciate the chance to do so, to meet Mr. Gülen. To understand how he came up with these ideas that are, frankly, not expected from the Middle East, or from Turkey. Or maybe, for that matter, from anywhere in this world. So for a person who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, to say, “I believe in plurality and discourse in communication amongst all peoples,” and then to go out and actually do it is a remarkable achievement.”

“I see the Hizmet Movement as filling a void that needed to be filled by the Muslim religion. There’s many interfaith movements amongst the Jewish and Christian and other communities here in Edmonton, and probably elsewhere in Canada, but none that have really come out of the Islamic religion, and now we have one.”

“I think it [Hizmet schools] is such a well-based program of understanding that it’s hard not to accept it. But that’s gonna be, I think, part of the whole solution is not just educating kids, and getting them up, and getting them good jobs, and letting them become prosperous, and do well for their children to come, but it’s to take the old ideas out of them that don’t work. And those old ideas come from older people, who are their parents, and grandparents, and the extended families, throughout the world. And in that regard, I think the Movement is doing a remarkably good job.”