Rev. Karen Ann Coxon has been incumbent of the Anglican Parish of March. She served as the Rector of the Parish of Penetanguishene. She received Master of Divinity degree from University of Toronto in 2000. She worked as a physiotherapist from 1978 until 2001.

“In his beliefs of the universal love of God, I think he [Mr. Fethullah Gülen] is a humanist. I think he believes in the goodness of humanity, and he’s a man of deep faith, who probably is a leader of a movement that has a place in this world, and will probably, the Movement and he will probably suffer for what he believes about God.”

“And I think the Hizmet Movement offers a pathway for people to draw closer to God. And any pathway to God is a perfectly acceptable way to go, and we have our own ways in our Christian traditions, but I don’t necessarily think it’s the only way. And I think the Hizmet tradition probably is a living out the Islamic teachings of the Prophet.”

“We saw evidence of a deep commitment to reaching out to those who were in need, and it was very touching, and it reminds us all here that, in Canada, that we have so much, and that the lion’s share of the wealth lies within our North American continent, and that we really need to begin to look to share the wealth around, with others that don’t have. And the Hizmet Movement reminds us all that that’s very important for every one of us. Islam is, people who are Islamic, people who are Christian, people who are Jewish, we all need to reach out to those who struggle to exist.”