Tymmarah Zehr is a Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. She holds an M.A. in International and Intercultural Communication from Royal Roads University. She was the Program Manager of Welcoming and Inclusive Communities & Come Together Alberta initiatives at Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.

“The Hizmet Movement, to me, personifies peaceful communication among different faiths. It’s very open and honest and genuine and very welcoming to all faiths.”

“Mr. Gülen, again, as I said, is a leader, and promoting peaceful dialog is very important right now, among all peoples, in all countries, and I think his leadership shows that it can be done. He’s connected with so many different faiths, and talked to them about what they believe, and it’s about the similarities that we have, rather than the differences, and that’s promoting peace.”

“The Hizmet Movement provides an opportunity to bring the topic to the table, and dialog about what are questions, concerns, interests, about each other’s faith and spiritual beliefs. Again, it’s a transparency and openness that I think appeals, can appeal to most people. It makes them feel welcome, and provides an honest opportunity to ask questions that might otherwise be seen as being disrespectful.”

“You know, discrimination and misunderstandings are learned behaviors, and these children are learning to get along. It’s normalized. And it makes more sense than teaching children to fight against each other, based on difference in beliefs. It’s an opportunity to respect one another, and here, I would love to imagine that these kids go home and talk about the successes of their friendships with other people.”