Prof. Donald A. Beecher is a Professor of English Language and Literature at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He received his M.A. from University of California, Santa Barbara and Ph.D. from University of Birmingham, U.K. His research interests include Renaissance medicine, Italian theatre, and the cognitive sciences and literature. Throughout his academic career he has received many honors and awards.

“And I think that it is Fethullah Gülen’s vision to present Islam as a religion which is moving into the modern world, and is seeing itself on an international basis, as a religion amongst religions, which is open to dialog with other religions, and will make a part of its own perspective on the world, the global village.”

“I think it’s Fethullah Gülen’s intent to see Islam without diluting anything which has given Islam its identity, its strengths, its forms of worship, but at the same time, seeing it as a world religion amongst other world religions.”

“I think, is probably one of the most unassailable aspects of the Hizmet Movement. There really is nothing at all that I can imagine anyone from any perspective could conceivably criticize about such relief organizations as the Kimse Yok Mu, for example. This is the organization to which you were fundamentally referring, and as a Hizmet Movement relief organization, which functions in many, many different places around the world, in terms of aid to those who are in disaster zones, who are in zones which have been stricken by earthquakes, stricken by tsunamis and hurricanes, and this strikes me as one of the elements of the Movement which is amongst the most laudable.”