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“I think that Mr.Fethullah Gülen has a wonderful message of, certainly the education part of his message is huge, and the emphasis on science is really wonderful because it’s not, I think, in Western, more in America, there’s some, this sort of cold emphasis on science, where, you know, facts, and science is everything, but I think that the emphasis on science that I see among Turkish people, and among the followers of Mr. Gülen is more of a sort of a, you know, an emphasis on facts and rigor and of, yes, but also a kind of awe at God’s creation, and how wonderful it is.”

“I think, with Hizmet, I get much more of a sense of the community being kind of a religious community, and also, a kind of community of people who will go out and do, and do works of social actions, social justice.”

“The emphasis on interfaith dialog, again, is extremely important, and the emphasis on doing good, peaceful, another important thing is that it’s very peaceful. There’s no violence. There’s no, even, tendency toward that. And the fact that we work together, we educate one another, and we talk to one another. That’s how you solve problems, not by violence.”