Salma Ahmad has served as the president of the Islamic Society of Greater Portland since 2003. She is a founding member of the Bilal Mosque Association and a member of the Interfaith Action Network of Washington County. Mrs. Ahmad serves as the treasurer of the Institute of Islamic and Interfaith Studies. She gives talks to promote interfaith understanding and harmony throughout United States. In 2009, the FBI Portland Division has selected Salma Ahmad to receive the Director’s Community Leadership Award.

I think the Hizmet Movement is doing such a marvelous job globally, not just in Turkey. So, Bosnia, what impresses me, because I saw it, my husband and me, so they invited us to the school. […] I think Hizmet Foundation is doing a good job to not consider any of ethnicity or religion. It’s just to serve and educate. The tolerance is amazing. Because these two groups of children, performing together, practicing together, going to school together, that’s what the issue is, and your heart melts, because of the relationship of these two, the children, that are Serb, and Bosnian, and Croatian, they have killed each other.

So I think, up to now is almost like more than ten years that I’m aware of, I’m associated with the Hizmet Foundation. I think, Insha’Allah, may Allah bless all the founders, that they will continue to do this action, movement, whatever you call it. And of course, education is very impressive, and it’s going on until now, and this is the only way, actually, we talk about terrorism, globally, I’m in America, and I just met with the FBI Director and the Department of Justice, all we talk about, instead of human trafficking, and fraud, and smuggling, all we talk about is ISIL, al-Qaeda, and whatever other organizations, but this is one thing the Hizmet Movement does, it is true education […] Through education is what terrorism can be solved.