” It’s very difficult to understand what today’s Islam really is. There are so many conflicts, and many different Islamic organizations giving their opinion of Islam. However, I feel that Mr. Gülen’s approach is very close to what I see within Judaism as well, and that is respect for people, and mainly respect for people of different faiths, and working together, and enhancing one’s lives, not only through interaction, but through belief in God.”

” Considering how one would look at the Hizmet Movement and its validity, and the phrase of, “it’s too good to be true,” actually, it is good, and it is true. And I think people have become cynics, and by being exposed to radical religion, regardless of the religion, they find it difficult to accept that there are aspects of religion that are not radical, that are moderate and are caring about people and community. ..”

“I’m personally very involved in interfaith, and we have had members of the Pacifica Institute at our synagogue, to participate in joint celebrations of various holidays, which we were able to relate to not only the Jewish holiday, but relate them to Muslim belief, whether it was out of the Qur’an, or whether it was out of Hadiths. And as we get involved in interfaith, we realize we all believe in the same things, regardless of the way we approach it … ”

” As far as the Hizmet attitude of helping people, wherever they are, whoever they are, is most important. It does a number of things. First of all, people who are in need, need the help. And we do good deeds, we do our charity, by doing that, but also, we set an example. If Hizmet can do that, why can’t other organizations do the same thing? … I think Hizmet is doing that. It’s showing people that yes, you can be good, you can help, and maybe others will learn from the Hizmet example.”