“… I think it’s a very, it’s a great blessing in the lives of those who follow the teachings of Fethullah Gülen, because he promotes interfaith dialog, education, and nonviolence.”

” I was pleased, during our recent tour of Turkey, that when we went to Konya, to visit the tomb of Rumi, that many of the practices that the Whirling Dervishes had to undergo in order to become a Whirling Dervish were very similar to the regimen that is utilized by, like, Roman Catholic men and women in religious life, when they enter the convent, or the monastery.”

” I really appreciate the variety of charitable activities that the Hizmet Movement is involved in. For example, Kimse Yok Mu, the charitable foundation in Turkey that we visited during our recent trip there, and Kimse Yok Mu translates as “Is anybody there?” And that’s really the first question that occurs to people during a time of crisis and chaos in their lives, because of some natural disaster or conflict in the region. They need help, and they want to know if somebody is there, that is going to help them.”

” I understand there’s been some criticism of the Hizmet Movement from people who don’t maybe like its teachings, but I have to say, where is the evidence? I think the Movement has worked very hard to be apolitical, and not to be involved in partisan politics. But it could be seen as a threat to people in power because it promotes an alternative way of thinking and acting than perhaps the people in power have. …”