David T. Ives is the Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac University and is also an adjunct professor of Latin American Studies, Philosophy and International Business at the same university. Ives received his bachelor’s degree in social work and master’s degree in student counseling from Ohio State University. He holds extensive global experience in higher education and non-profit organizations. Also, he is serving as the co-president of the United Nations Association of New Haven and is a member of the International Consortium on the Arms Trade Treaty.

“The Turks that I have met have, with the Hizmet Movement, been quite in involved in making sure that conflicts are resolved without violence, and that’s what we believe in also. There are always going to be conflicts and differences of opinion, but I really feel strongly that Hizmet is a leader in this kind of avenue. …”

” The Hizmet Movement, to me, means rational thinking and caring about the outcomes in kind of a peaceful manner.”

” I find that the Hizmet Movement is very compatible with a number of different religions on a worldwide basis, and they’re very rational, they’re very dedicated, they’re very faithful, they’re very caring. I think I enjoy being around them.”

” Hizmet people are, their actions speak louder than their words, and their words are always consistent with their actions. I don’t find any discrepancy between what they believe and what they do.”