Andrew Griswold is the business manager at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He holds a Master’s degree in Regional Studies from Harvard University and a BA in English/Asian Studies from Hamilton College. Also, he has worked in the marketing field for more than fourteen years and holds extensive experience in this field.

” I’m very impressed with Mr. Gülen for several reasons. His emphasis on education, his emphasis on science and the role of science and what Islam has to say about science and how we can apply that to our modern civilization in the 21st century, and also, his very, very great emphasis on dialog, dialog with other faiths and other cultures. So I think he is performing a service, not only for Turkey but for the world as well.”

” From our experience with the members of the Hizmet Movement while we were in Turkey, and also here in Boston, the first thing that strikes a visitor is the hospitality, the warmth, the great sense of welcome. …. ”

“I hope that, through interfaith dialog, we can start to address some social problems. I know that here in Boston, Turkish Cultural Center and Peace Islands Institute are making efforts in that area, that Peace Islands Institute here in Boston sponsors various lectures, and they bring in experts to speak on various subjects of public concern.”

” I think the philosophy of Mr. Gülen and the Hizmet Movement, as I understand it, it brings more to education than just the basic science, because there’s a faith component, and an emphasis on reaching out and having dialog with people of other faiths, so that you can bring the human side to your research and to your science, and think about how is your research going to benefit the world. So I think it’s a good balance.”